Law (4 years, Bachelor of Laws - LLB)

Duration (years): 
Qualification Awarded: 
LLB, Law
Level of Qualification: 
1st Cycle (Bachelor’s Degree)
Language of Instruction: 
English and Greek
Mode of Study: 
The possibility to study full-time or part-time is provided.
Minimum Credits: 
Minimum ECTS Credits: 
Profile of the Programme: 

The programme is designed to help prepare students for a professional career in the law (prior to their undertaking the vocational stage of their studies) or another career where a law degree is valued.
A range of legal academic education is provided:
(i) grounding in the common law heritage of the Cyprus legal system;
(ii) a broad range of Cyprus law courses;
(iii) the non-municipal law courses necessary for the modern professional; and,
(iv) an introduction to other legal traditions.

The non-law courses have been carefully selected in order to bolster / advance a range of skills / knowledge indispensable to the securing of a more-rounded law graduate.

Career Prospects: 

A Law degree opens many doors. Most of our graduates proceed to careers in the legal profession as advocates and legal consultants. A minority pursue/further careers in the public service (including the police and military) and the corporate sector (including banking).

Access to Further Studies: 

Graduates of the programme can be accepted into Second Cycle degrees (Master’s Degree).

In addition, the LLB programme was recognised in 2009 by the Cyprus Legal Council, becoming the first and (to date) the only law degree of a Cyprus University to be recognised by the Legal Council; thus enabling our graduates to proceed with their professional training and the sitting of their bar exams (successful completion of these being the core prerequisites to a career at the Cyprus Bar).